THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY: About Last Night b/w 7th Heaven: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

In my fantasy world where good music is actually given its due, This Moment In Black History would have recorded and released a 7” at Stax (no offence to Exit Stencil Records), instead of just standing in front of the place for their back photo. Because unlike the home of Booker T & the MGs and Otis Redding in the ‘60s, great, soulful music (not necessarily soul music) is much more fractured and underground in this newish millennium of ours. On the good side, if you do some diggin’, golden nuggets like TMIBH slap you aside the head and you can catch them in the modern version of a ramshackle roadhouse (like a warehouse without a stage). This particular 7” reminds me of the Dirtbombs 7” Kapow released a bit back. One side: mustangs trampling you and barely contained mayhem with an eight-armed drummer leading the charge. Much how I imagine Little Richard was when he was starting out: aliens landing in your backyard and handing your ass to you. On the B side, just to show you they’re a pony with many tricks, it’s a loopy, fractured, mellow song that had me wondering how it’d sound at 78 rpm, if the record was warped (it kinda was), or who put Negativland in my Black History. I’ll be listening to the shit out of the first side and admiring their adventurousness on the B side from afar.

 –todd (Exit Stencil)