THIS IS MY FIST!: I Don’t Want to Startle You But They Are Going to Kill Most of Us: 7” EP

Jul 09, 2009

The title of this 7” is reminiscent of the great book on the Rwandan genocide by Philip Gourvitch, We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families. If you haven’t read it and still think the holocaust is the onlymass slaughter this century, I can’t suggest it highly enough. The singer, Annie’s (ex-Ambition Mission and Mushuganas), voice is startlingly clear and distinct, much like how Allison from Discount could belt it out. It’s both tender and barbed and can get nice and growly. From the name of the band, I was expecting some knuckleheaded floor-punching schmubs. Thankfully, it’s more of a nice warning, much like This Bike Is a Pipebomb’s name and intent is. Also, thankfully, it’s a power trio that takes transposed cues from Jawbreaker (sensible time changes to keep the tide flowing), crunchier, less pop Tilt (nice and buzzy), and if it was ever bottled like a musical fragrance, it’s got that East Bay Sound that’s hard to describe but is instantly recognizable. I like it lots. It’s very realized for a band’s first seven inch. Thumbs up.

 –todd (Left of the Dial)