THIS IS MY FIST!: A History of Rats: CD

Nov 28, 2006

This is the first and apparently only full length from TIMF! The sweetness that could be heard in Annie’s voice on earlier releases has been replaced with whiskey and gravel. This bothered me at first because it was such a stark difference from the songs on the 7” and compilations. Her voice grew on me the more I listened; these songs and their subjects should be heard through whiskey and gravel. As a group they beat the shit out of their instruments to my grinning satisfaction. When the realization that I will probably never get to see them again sinks in, my pint glass won’t just hold beer but also my tears. Last time I saw them live we were really drunk and singing along and Annie asked, “Who yells ‘hooray’ anymore?” When listening to TIMF!, this guy right here.

 –guest (No Idea)

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