Aug 14, 2009

Part punk, part ho-down, all fun-sounding, TBIAB are what I’d happily embrace as folk songs. John Belushi, as Bluto, would not smash their guitars. The songs mostly happily bubble with oscillating male and female voices, but they’re full of present-day protest; calling for a more open door policy for the Black Panther Party (“after 25 years of silence, you can see that I hate the cops as much as you do”), and how cancer has replaced black lung disease. Even though the 7” gets rounded out by a song about bones a-crackin’ from “feeling old and crookedy,” and includes a cover of Neil Young’s “(Four Dead in) Ohio,” the overall effect isn’t a downer. Two things really make me like this band. Although they approach essentially depressing, charged material, their overall tone is one of knowing there’s a better world obtainable, and they have some ideas on how to get there. Secondly, although life has well worn them, they’ve still got gumption and spark to rally against it in new and meaningful ways. Hand-screened cover. Cool all around. Woody Guthrie’d be proud.

 –todd (This Bike is a PipeBomb)