Makes me want to build a porch so I can stomp on it while drinking from a jug. Saw these guys live, and I think they were touring in a beat-to-shit taxi. Wife and husband duo manning the vocal duties and two of the instruments, if I’m not mistaking, and they sung towards one another, framing the drummer. Fuckin’ downhome, fun, and modern hillbilly, but not hokey nor disingenuous. Modern touchstones would be Rumbleseat; reveling in punk ethics, not punk restrictions. The lyrics are a perfect fit. They’re sometimes romantic, (“yer beautiful and I’ve got a stupid haircut”), sometimes defiant (calling for an opening of arms from the Black Panther Party), and always encouraging (“steal back from the government”/”go around naked one day”). It’s all very country-wise good advice with hints of bluegrass and the feeling you get around an open fire, hanging out with friends, and someone whips out a guitar and you thank them with a flask instead of beating them with their instrument.

 –todd (Plan-It-X)