THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB: Front Seat Solidarity: LP

Feb 05, 2009

In its finest hours, DIY breeds ingenuity, not whining. I can't stop listening to this LP. TBIAPB and Plan-It-X Records literally reek of doing it themselves, from the hand-printing record covers on insides of other bands LP sleeves, to including a hand-made sticker and patch, and just the fact that they released this on vinyl because Rymodee doesn't have a CD player is so reassuring that all's well and good in the underground. However, all of the preceding good intentions would mean dick-all if the band wasn't good. They're not. They're flat-out great. They've got the warm fire of Woody Guthrie burning on punk's mattress and the result is the best of both worlds. Intelligent, story-telling lyrics about cancer being the new black lung disease, the glorification of body counts on TV, the Selma Freedom Marches, and how depression can be a useful tool, all sung in a real arm-around-a-friend unpretentious way. What's striking is how straight, true, upbeat, and believable their voice of rebellion is. The oscillating male/ female vocals just sweeten the pot. There's no affectation, no pretense, just good ol' fashioned, forward thinking protest music. Listened to this at least fifty times already and like it more each time.

 –todd ($7 ppd. Plan-It-X, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb)

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