THIRD WORLD: Under the Magic Sun: CD

Yeeouch. New album by one of the better known reggae groups comprised primarily of covers by REO Speedwagon, Marvin Gaye, Eagles, Paul McCartney, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jackie DeShannon, Blackbyrds, Paul Davis, and Benny Mardones, with reworkings of a few of the band’s best known songs thrown in for good measure, all of which is “livicated” to recently deceased singer Bunny Rugs. Nothing is inherent terrible about their versions of all the above, and I know they’re known for pulling tunes from pop and R&B, but the collected whole here feels a bit too much like it was culled from the set of a band playing a cruise ship’s lido deck. Sorry but I much prefer my reggae steeped in revolution. 

 –jimmy (Cleopatra)