THIRD MEMORY, THE: Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort: LP

Sep 25, 2007

The Third Memory is from France and plays brutal contemporary power violence with a dash of Heroin-era emo. This record adds in minor touches of other hardcore trends of the past twenty years, the end result being a markedly diverse and energizing album. Sadly, this split label release is one of the last for Nashville-based I’ve Come For Your Children, which recently announced that it was calling it quits. The Third Memory toured the U.S. in August of 2007, and I bet the kids lucky enough to be in attendance went totally ape-shit night after night. This record is definitely one to watch for, and comes packaged in a beautiful silk-screened cover. The CD is still in print in Europe, but this vinyl reissue is the one to seek out. Art Ettinger

 –guest (I’ve Come For Your Children/Rok Lok)