THINGZ, THE: Surf and Turf: 7" EP

Sep 25, 2007

Surf side: I want to do “The Crab.” I think I know how it goes—strut across the dance floor sideways, crouched over, hands acting like claws. The song title tells me I’m in for a great time. Trouble is The Thingz aren’t there with me. They sound bored, indifferent, distant, and the “The Crab” passes unnoticed. I can’t have a good time if I’m wondering what’s wrong with the band. Disappointing. Turf side: “She’s a Piranha” is much better. B-52’s kitsch with a Peter Gunn guitar line. The last tune, “T-Bone,” falls somewhere in between. Good recipes, but needs more pizzazz to merit more time on the turntable. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Coffee Addict, no address)