THINGZ, THE: Step Right Up: LP

Mar 07, 2013

Long time locals, The Thingz, have run the Long Beach/Orange County club circuit. Chances are if you saw a punk show in that area in the past seven years, you probably caught one of their comedic, garage punk performances. Their latest full length boasts gorgeous, cartoony Venture Bros.-style sketches by Paul Sharar. “Introduction” cements their circus sideshow theme by instructing listeners to step up and give your entry admission to witness the spectacle of Kim, Mike, and Jason. Pulling from ‘60s and ‘50s harmonies, they echo male and female vocals as in “Mammalcentric,” over a thrumming bass line, while gang vocals are used in “Bacon Slap,” a bouncy homage to barbeque. “Secret Chamber” bears a distinct likeness to early B-52’s camp, a band they’ve been liberally and rightfully compared to. Clever production and a good intro for those who aren’t familiar with these cats. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Self-released,