THINGZ, THE: Red Future: LP

A screen printed cover sleeve, good or bad, is always a way to grab attention. One depicting a crab with cryptic militaristic flourishes and a vague communist feel will definitely beckon a listener to ponder its insides. So you show up at the bar they’re playing this weekend, order two fists of tall boys, and start to have a great evening since you don’t really get to go out very much anymore. The Thingz take the stage, looking not quite rockabilly, but projecting a definite sense of style. They plug in and proceed to sweat out catchy, over-driven Chuck Berry guitar trash rock. You move to the front of the stage, excitedly raising your beers in the air and proceed to have the best Cramps, B-52’s, Southern Culture On The Skids-influenced bar rock night of your life. You wake up the next morning wearing the wrong sized Thingz T-shirt, late night BBQ burrito breath, and this LP on your turntable. Your hangover wants the listening to validate last night’s grandiosity, but instead leaves you with the fuzziness of questionable decisions. Fun, if not a necessity

 –Matt Seward (C.A.R.,