THIEVES: Positive Vibrations: EP

May 25, 2010

Strange thing when a hardcore band sounds tired. This is music that is based on high energy, so when I hear a band that is “meh,” makes me wonder what the hell is going on. Is it me, or is it them? Thieves have some speedy tempos, and the usual, but there’s no fire, no thrust. Nothing. They’re beating the hell out of their instruments, but what’s coming out sounds flat and lifeless. You know how sometimes you listen to a record and it does nothing for you, then a couple days later you listen to it again, and you’re like, “Oh gawd, this record is something awesome!” I’ve done that a lot of times. So I’ve developed a routine: if it doesn’t grab me the first couple times of listening, then I’ll try it again another day. When you’re tired from work, school, whatever, your judgment isn’t the keenest, so you gotta run some tests. I played this a few times, over the span of a week, and it’s definitely not me that’s tired. Test results tell me this record should have been a demo.  –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie,