THEY WILL STAND ON YOU AND SPIT, $1: 8 ½” x 5 ½”, photocopied, ? pgs.

Apr 27, 2012

This is a split zine between writers Adam Gnade and Bart Schaneman. Gnade contributes excerpts from his novella California and Schaneman writes poetry and they are interspersed throughout. The excerpts follow the same set of characters that Gnade writes about through most of his work. While they are consistent, one does not necessarily need to have been following along from the beginning to know what’s going on. These excerpts give insights into the characters and their lives and thoughts. Lots of loneliness and searching for connections with others in and around San Diego. It’s well written and engaging. Schaneman’s poetry isn’t abstract and is easy to follow. It, too, speaks of the desperation in relationships, the ache and pull for something more but the inability to find it. Although different, like Gnade’s pieces it’s well written and deserves multiple readings, not for the sake of clarification, but to fully grasp the depth of expression. There’s not a lot of content here, but what is here is quality stuff and resonates well. Gnade described this to me as a freebie, but it’s far from that level of quality. For a dollar, it’s certainly recommended. (Punch Drunk Press, 1075 Reed Ave., San Diego, CA 92109)

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