THERAPISTS: Hate Sweats: 12” 45

Played the whole thing at 33 before I realized it was supposed to play at 45, so i had to play the whole thing again at the right speed. I honestly did not like it either way, but repeated listenings ((on the correct speed as a consumer service)) are causing me to question what the fuck my original problem was. Rapid, raging punk with some rock leanings, but not to the extent of throwing a bunch of dumb guitar bullshit in there and making me crabby, or sounding like some bland Stooges clones like the Weaklings and also making me crabby. If the evil monkey who lives in Chris Griffin’s closet ever joined a band, i’d imagine he’d play bass for these guys. It would also be cool if his eyes were Hypno-Coins while he was playing. Sold! BEST SONG: “Slow Thaw” BEST SONG TITLE: “Jesus Loves You Judy” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Transcending the putrid morass of “A” and “B,” the sides of this record are designated “Rama Lama” and “Ding Dong.” All hail the New World Order! BEST SONG: “Boyfriend Street” BEST SONG TITLE: “Enslaved Outraged” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “This Record Is Guaranteed To Get You Laid!”

 –norb (Jonny Cat)