Aug 13, 2009

Here’s what you might call a suite; nine tracks that could stand each on their own, but wouldn’t have the same impact that way. Now, if you cut out the roughly four minutes of acoustic guitar strumming, you’d have around forty-eight minutes of high-grade ambient noise, the kind of noise that gets generated by machines and recorded on hidden recorders in public and is less like being in a motorcycle crash than it is like having a dead elephant delicately set on top of you; no sharp edges, no blunt trauma, just encompassing suffocation and slowly crushing mass. It’s all about the mass. No, it’s also about sparseness, like massive sparseness. Simple drones and sounds that are so distorted you don’t know what the original sounds were. This guy, Ben Carr (he’s in 5ive), he knows what the fuck to do with solitude and a tape recorder.

 –doug (Odd Halo)