Jan 25, 2011

Hmm. Thinly veiled as anything but a promotional effort by Sideonedummy with a lot of Fat bands, this is kinda choppy. Apparently, it's a TV show hosted by Joe Sib, who's one funny motherfucker. (Huge tangent: A bunch of people got into my mom's car. One of them happened to be Joe Sib. I know this because he kept on saying his first and last name, so it was easy to remember. We had to negotiate a lot of traffic. I'd never met Joe before and he launched into a story about this guy he bought a shot of Goldschlager for. After downing the shot, the guy got into his car, backed up as far as the parking lot would allow, dropped the hammer down on the accelerator, and drove his car into the club.  Repeatedly. Years later, he saw Joe again and said, with obvious pride to his friends, "Hey, that's Joe Sib, the guy who gave me the shot that made me want to crash my car." Joe wanted that to be on the down low.) So, the video. It's as inconsistent as that guy thinking that drinking peppermint schnapps with gold flakes in it is the necessary predecessor to driving your vehicle into a building full of people. I would have liked to see the full shows of The Show or a little more of a thread that connected everything. Some of the pieces are full-on videos (like H20 [doing an Ice Cube cover], Madcap [throwing bottles at the man], AFI [working on full Danzig-ination], and Flogging Molly [gettin' their jig on]). Some of the pieces are live shows - The Ataris  (you know, the band with the Macintosh computer ad), Avail, 7 Seconds (I think of the axiom that Floyd of Fat came up with. By definition, "If the kids are united," what else can they be but "never divided"?), and Kill Your Idols (who were good). Then there are some interviews which are OK. Basically, it's Joe Sib coming up with questions off the top of his head, talking about tours and influences. Joe should just come up with stories and talk to himself. My favorite part was the Avail live show because I like Avail, and dag gum it, I was at those shows. My least favorite part is that MxPx is still a band and they're still putting out records. I hope that after all the praying that they do, they still go to a very uncomfortable place in the afterlife. Like Barstow or something. Well, that's the video in a nutshell, and if you've been reading this and being annoyed by all the razorcake.coms throughout, that's basically how many times they told the viewer they were watching something by Sideonedummy. You'd think that someone who just sold the Warped Tour for 18 million or something like that wouldn't have to be doing such the hard sell. Visit -Todd (Sideonedummy, 6201 Sunset Blvd. - Ste. 211, Hollywood, CA 90028)