The Recess Video: VHS

Mar 03, 2011

If you're not the least bit in tune to what Recess – one of the most stand up DIY labels in Southern California – has to offer, this'll be a good introductory kick to the nuts. If the following appeals to you, this'll be a keeper. #1.) Dick. If you like seeing schlongs being pulled and flopped around at many speeds, trajectories, and angles, there's plenty of dick. There's also a little puss (and skidded panties) and a little tit (made bigger: a post-op Jag Off). #2.) Skating. If you like sloppy-ass hard falls and hard tricks made greasy, sleazy, and easy, there's some choice trampoline-to-mini ramp and head-to-bottom-of-pool action. #3.) Drunks. Interlace drug use, too. Drunks encouraging Warped Tour kidlets to punch one another. Drunks who light fireworks and tackle one another into fires. Drunks are often way more funny on video because you don't have to deal with their puke in your hair and shoes. #4.) Music. Maybe I should have put this first. Dwarves, the "you're so fucking sued video" of the Barfeeders (which has puppets puking on and fighting Muppets), Civic Minded Five, Grumpies, Berzerk, and Four Letter Words all make the grade. My only head scratcher – as in, is it a joke? – is the Beatnik Termites who look sooo frooty, like they're really trying to make a video, shakin' their hair and leather booty in front of a white screen. Therein lies the charm with the tape as a whole. The rest of the project is raw and shot well, but they're so far away from being glossy or "pro." On that tip, Toys That Kill's "Catholic Damage" is my favorite of the lot. Sure, it's low-tech, but it follows the story line of the song, interlaces demons and Mike Watt, and knows the limits of its special effects and uses them well. Besides those four things, the tape as a whole is pretty crazy: a bum intimidating some Hassidic Jews, a guy in a monkey suit smashing bus stop glass as another guy's pooing in it, a kid on the aforementioned trampoline with an open knife, and a lot of self abuse, but in a good way. If you're spastic, dirty, or like watching squirrels attack, I recommend this tape. –Todd (Recess, PO Box 1666, San Pedro, CA90733; )