THE BARFEEDERS: ''Wyoming'': Mini CD

Jan 25, 2011

This was palmed to me at a show by a very nice guy who I'd just met and went by the name Scott Alcoholocaust. He was human shielding me so I could pour whiskey out of a smuggled flask into a plastic cup and we bonded. It's a full-on, pro quality Muppet-esque punk rock video. By that, I mean it's little fuzzy puppets as The Barfeeders. It's 2 minutes, 51 seconds of pure viewing pleasure. The featured song's "Wyoming," which I was acquainted to from a very, very fine double 10" compilation on Very Small Records. It starts out in a dissolve to an idyllic woodlands creature scene and quickly develops into chaos and the puppets spelling out "Wy!O!Ming!" in big block letters. There's a couple reasons why these Barfeeders puppets are more rad than Dr. Teeth's Band O'Funk. 1.) They have tattoos. It's hard to tell what the tattoos are because they play so fucking fast. 2.) They throw up on chickens and kiss furry pigs - very much like their human Barfeeders counterparts. 3.) They destroy their instruments. The blue fuzzy drummer not only assaults the hi-hat, but he tackles Animal out of his stool.  I have no idea how much this is, or if it's even for sale, but if by some quirk you come across it, it's a total hoot. Highly recommended. Directed by Mike Sloat at Spoon Fed Films in San Francisco-Todd (The Bar Feeders, 429 Buchanan St., SF, CA 94102)