THAT’S INCREDIBLE: Self-titled: 7” EP

Jul 13, 2010

I watch a dog show, on average, once a year. There are “best of breed” selections, and then a “best of show.” It’s funny stuff: dressed-up grownups cupping dogs’ balls; over-groomed dogs that have been bred for generations to have the “best” characteristics of that dog’s “dogginess.” It’s like the Warped Tour for canines: lots of hair products, lots of strutting. It’s a world I’m alien to. That’s Incredible is nothing like any of those dogs on those fancy, well-lit stages. I’m so not saying That’s Incredible are mutts. I’m saying that That’s Incredible is the best possible scenario if elements and strains of the Soviettes, Toys That Kill, Dick Army, and Killer Dreamer got together and started bashing away: four songs of loveable, fiercely loyal, dedicated, scrappy, melodic DIY punk. They’re comforting echoes of their previous and still-running bands. It’s sorta expected, but in an impressive way, like catching a Frisbee way above your height over and over again like it’s no big thing, and then bringing it back all slobbery and partially chewed.

 –todd (It’s Alive)