That’s Entertainment: My Life in the Jam: By Rick Buckler By Koepenick

Nov 23, 2015

Another book on this incredible band told by a member of the band! (I know Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler once did a book together.) This effort is extremely thorough and dives deeper into Buckler’s life after the band disintegrated. You get details on recordings, live shows, and how Rick got there in the first place. He seems to be at peace with the idea that the band will probably never reform. It is puzzling that Buckler and Paul Weller are not in touch at all, but that’s life. I really enjoyed this story. I was also glad to find out more about his work with Time U.K. and his band, From The Jam. If you were ever a fan of The Jam, you need this book to connect the dots. Essential! –Sean Koepenick (Omnibus Press)