THAT’S COOL, THAT’S TRASH! #2: $3.00, 9” x 5 ½”, Printed, 62 pgs.

Jun 03, 2011

That’s Cool, That’s Trash! is a nice-looking zine from Idaho. There is an in-depth interview with Johnny Stingray of the Controllers that was fun to read. The part-two feature on Johnny Burnette is well done. I wish I got to read part one. This also has good interviews with the Marked Men and the Mean Jeans, along with lots of reviews of bands that I’ve never heard of, an article on record collecting, and zine reviews. I really enjoyed the reviews of “Recent Tomes with a Musical Bent,” which turned me onto some books that I will have to order. That’s Cool, That’s Trash! is laid out well and is a thick zine, filled with goodies. –Steve Hart (That’s Cool, That’s Trash!, PO Box 1941, Ketchum, ID, 83340)

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