THAALS: Castle Claremont: Cassette

This album starts and ends with soundclips from Daleks, so Whovians should be pleased just with that. The band makes rock’n’roll for teenage space aliens. Song titles range from “Bingo Dabbing,” to “Patty Hearst,” to “Black Mold.” Vocals are really blown-out with effects and distortion, so the band comes off very garagey. It makes lyrics fairly indiscernible and with no lyrics printed, it’s anybody’s best guess. But that kinda helps add to the sci-fi, out-of-this-world sound that Thaals have going on. They can get pretty thrashy on some of the songs. For the most part, this is a fast record with echo-y vocals and dirty bass. I’d love to hear them with a keyboard player. Would be a great companion to any campy alien movie or Halloween party. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’d bump this any day of the year.

 –Kayla Greet (Drug Party,