May 25, 2010

This is a pairing that has been waiting to happen and makes a whole lotta sense. Here, Miss Texas Terri Laird and Mr. Kevin K team up for an eight-song dose of killer glam punk, bringing Ricky Rat of the Trash Brats along for the ride. The requisite Dead Boys and Thunders covers are here, as one might expect. The difference is that they both rock. Texas Terri turns in a cool take on “What Love Is” while Kevin K lays down a smokin’ version of “London Boys” that may match the original. I am a sucker for the Kevin K style Ramones-meets-Thunders songs and this batch is as good as any he has ever done. Looking forward to a new Texas Terri full length as well, based on these four tunes. This would make a perfect 12” vinyl 45 record with four tunes on each side, and it looks like Beast Records from France has taken care of that. It’s an excellent new record by two old favorites. I’m glad to see them still kicking it out.  –frame (Realkat, no address)