TEUTONICS, THE / JINXES, THE: Losers of the 93/KHJ Battle of the Bands: 7”

Jul 13, 2010

The packaging for the split 7” purports itself to be losing entries from a radio station’s battle of the bands contest. Fitting the theme, both the Teutonics and The Jinxes flaunt their musical amateurism for two songs respectively, but also have some charm and melody backing up their crudely crafted sounds. The Teutonics sort of remind me of the Trashies sans the keyboard and are goofy as fuck mid-‘60s garage rock. The cheesy baseball organ intro on the Jinxes first song alienated me early on, but as soon as the guitars cranked into a gallop I grew fond of what they were doing. Both songs sound like they were recorded in a bathroom on a boombox, but it fits this vinyl celebration of primitive garage rock to a T.

 –Jake Shut (Boss Hoss)