TERRORDACTYLS: Unknown Terror: 7”

Ten seconds in: this could go either way; starts with a pretty cool, driving riff that could either build into some great post punk ala Drunkdriver or go into thrash metal territory. Annnnnnnnd it’s thrash metal. Don’t get me wrong, I own some Nuclear Assault and Mortal Sin LPs, but I just can’t get behind the thrash revival. Municipal Waste was fun for a little while, but I rarely feel the urge to pull out Waste Em All, and whenever they come on shuffle on my MP3 player, nine times out of ten, I hit next. This just all sounds the same to me. I can’t relate. Given their lyrical content, I’m pretty sure these dudes don’t take themselves too seriously and are just having a good time. More power to them. I’d probably party with them; might even watch (and enjoy) their band. I just don’t wanna listen to it at home.

 –Chris Mason (World Won’t Listen / Gonin Ape Shit / Suicidal Logic)