Sep 25, 2007

Sick death synth from Jay Reatard. Maxed-out fuzz obliteration for fucked up kids. Not so much more disturbing than Destruction Unit, Ryan Wong’s synth project that Jay is often a part of, and not more moody than his other friend, Digital Leather, but where the Unit sounds like a band ripping together in a basement, TV feels like a lonely kid in a trailer park with synthesizer and Radio Shack mic, pulling it together. Where Leather also feels like a solo project of hatelove, TV is more speedy across the board. The whole album goes by quick, but not painless. The whole album falls into death synth territory with itchy minimalism, but the occasional song you could actually fukking play in a club (“Medicated Dreams”) where E boys might tap into it while melting. A Digital Leather cover (“Shattered Reflections”) is in that clubby mode too, and fulfills the incestuous nature between all these guys. While the remake of “Endless Tunnel” (originally on the Lost Sounds’ Demos Vol. 2) is pretty great, how can your favorite not be “Blood Is Sweet but Semen Is Sweeter”?

 –mike (FDH Music, fdhmusic.com)

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