TERRIBLE TWOS: Self-titled: LP

Jul 31, 2008

When this was playing, a hot water kettle was hitting a full boil, screaming. And I thought it was part of the song until the pause for the next one. Telling. Full-tilt, lotsa-grit, amped-up, skittering rock that’s so chaotic that more noise only adds to the shit being uprooted and churning in their hurricane. I can imagine the band saying “release the bees!” during a recording and having a swarm of our apiarian friends “liven up a track.” And it would. When the keyboards (as percussive instrument) come in, think prime Lost Sounds. When in full-charge mode, think We March and This Moment In Black History. I call this “point and shit,” music. If I had the money and time, I’d make Blues Brothers-style announcement system for my truck, except the speaker would be hidden and would direct sound. My navigator would point at an unsuspecting passerby, and we’d flip the switch and blast music at ‘em for two seconds to see if they’d shit their pants. Not nice, but it’d be fun… and in the name of science. Terrible Twos have made a great “point and shit” record.

 –todd (Criminal IQ)