Terrible Feelings hail from Sweden, which is experiencing a renaissance of dark, disarming melodic punk featuring the likes of Vånna Inget and Hurula. Like Vånna Inget, Terrible Feelings are a bit ‘80s power pop, a smidge goth, and a dash of first generation California punk like The Bags and Avengers. Manuela Iwansson’s vocals are full-bodied apparitions that give Pat Benatar a run for her money. The A side is mostly comprised of aggressive jams that resemble a more rock’n’roll White Lung. “Black Water” and “Demon Tonight” are hard-driving, angst-riddled pop behemoths. A side closer “Down the Road” is a heart-wrenching ballad where Iwansson hypnotically croons over brooding guitar chords and demonstrates her vocal virtuosity. The B side has a few lulls, like the overlong, country-ish tune “Bastard Child” and the instrumental, but the remaining songs remind you how good it feels to head bob to Terrible Feelings’ brand of hook-laden melodrama. I eagerly anticipate the next Swedish feel-bad record. 

 –Sean Arenas (Deranged, derangedrecords.com)