TERMINUS: Graveyard of Dreams: CD

Jun 06, 2014

Songs about hunting the men who hunt foxes, songs about hatin’ the state, songs with doomsday sci-fi undertones—these and more can be found on Terminus’s Graveyard of Dreams. For those who missed Terminus during their heyday (after which much of their material was no longer pressed), this re-release condenses at least six EPs worth of material onto one nineteen-track CD spanning their lengthy ‘80s-though-’90s career. Among fourteen other bandmates, Mark Richardson—principal songwriter, guitarist, and singer—is the sole constant member through the years. Richardson holds it down with follow-the-guitar vocal melodies that fluctuates into guttural Lemmy Kilmister lows and American rockabilly swagger when appropriate—all this over some smoky and shifting mix of mid-tempo almost Sabbath-touched rock, and by its end, something more snarling and rough-edged, without losing the hooks and melodic touch of a versatile punk’n’roll outfit. If you’re looking to fill the gap in a collection of ‘80s U.K. punk and hardcore, Terminus is a fine addition, and plenty to explore. Check out “(Waiting for the) Purge” and “What Do You Want From Me,” exemplary of the band’s early and later work, respectively. 

 –Jim Joyce (Boss Tuneage)