TERMINUS: Going Nowhere Fast: CD

Reissue of a 1990 record from this English band, a band I’ve never heard before and a fascinating listen. Musically, it covers a lot of territory, from speedy hardcore to slow, dark, doomy punk, to melodic mid-tempo punk, all with a constant undercurrent of classic crust. Oh, and some very un-technical metal solos. There’s a sprawling, epic nature to this very raw record that adds some weight to the very political lyrical content, sung with a lead vocal that’s sort of The Baron-meets-Dave Vanian. Sounds like a mix of various recording sessions, and they needed to use an original vinyl copy to create this reissue, so sound quality is average, but definitely does not detract from the content whatsoever. A nice surprise of a record and something I’d seek out a vinyl copy of if it wasn’t so rare. Fans of bands from Amebix to Chron Gen: get this now. 

 –Chad Williams (Bosstuneage Retro)