TERMINALS: Takin’ Care of Brooks: 7”

Nov 28, 2006

Drums, vox, guitar player, Brooks, must be a handful. There’s a picture on the back of the record sleeve in which he looks so hammered, you can’t tell if he’s hugging his band mates, or holding himself up with them. He recorded two of the songs on this 7”, so getting drunk must not be his only “skill.” The B-side contains two originals that bear resemblance to the Oblivians and Jewws. The Terminals don’t quite achieve the greatness of those bands, but few do. The A-side is a cover of the Mods “Ritual” sung by vox, guitar, keys and drums player, Liz. A nice enough record, but lacking the testicle rattling oomph that would make me recommend it.

 –benke (Boom Chick)

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