TERMINAL GIRLS / IMMACULATE PALACE: Man inside My Brain/Schizophrenic Ghost: CDEP-R

Nov 16, 2010

“But, Bryan, you listen to punk rock! It doesn’t have to be recorded great!” You’re right, it doesn’t, but there is a certain level of lo-fi that is just annoying. Traits include when the reverb rings out longer than the notes actually existed for, and playing it anywhere above the halfway volume mark on my computer gives me a headache. The songs aren’t bad though. Two songs each: one original and a cover of the original the other band had. Essentially, yes, you are listening to two songs. Both bands employ a variety of strange effects on their vocals, which could be considered innovative or wacky for the sake of wacky. Take your pick.

 –Bryan Static (Fleshwave)

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