“We don’t have sex, we’re from space,” is what Terminal A singer Colin said to someone in the audience when I saw them a few years ago. Both these bands were on the bill and Colin crawled and lunged at people around the whole bar all the way to the door and made sure people were standing there like statues. SAA is a one-man band from Huntington Beach, but the music sounds more like something from the LondonBatCave scene. “Girls in Black” reminds me of a sped-up version of “Ahead” by Wire—but all the lyrics are about bondage and S/M—so it’s obviously a hot jam. The TA song, “Oedipus Kiss,” is a danceable anthem. You’ll want to dye your hair and hate your parents to this record. There are two covers, both with great artwork and it comes on red vinyl. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Self-released)