TENEMENT / CHEEKY: “Blast Exhaust” / “So Bored”: Split: 7”

Cheeky: Now why did you have to go and break up? There’s a nice bit of see-sawing on these two songs between more dissonant, throat-chopping hardcore directness (“your shit sucks”) and tones of the more aching punk-with-melody variety (Bananas, not managers, publicists, and Pro-Tooled hair gel). A punk gang with lots of heart? That’s what I think. Tenement: Disarmingly confident in exploration, Tenement’s an exciting progression in this post-Ergs! world. The ability to pull simultaneously from punk’s deep heritage and make it sound like it never had a care in the world, that they’re kids with their arms out a van window on a summer’s night—that’s a thing of beauty. I have a deep love for Midwestern punk—Dü, ‘Mats, ChiTels, D4—and if Tenement stays together as a band and keeps releasing records, they’ll be no mere blip on a radar, but a rock in the stream that other bands flow around. Two excellent songs on their side.

 –todd (Let’s Pretend / No Brakes)