TENEMENT: Blink Wink: LP

Jan 19, 2012

How does a band that put out a near-perfect record last summer (Napalm Dream) go back and top it? By going down to the basement and banging out more great songs—that’s how. Amos handles most of the instruments on this bad boy. Longtime bassist Jesse Ponkamo only plays bass on two songs, but adds piano and percussion here and there. “Medical Curiosity” may throw some fans for a loop, but it kind of has an “Androgynous” feel to it. Certainly, Amos and Westerberg have about the same skill level on keys! I predict “Senile” will be a great sing-a-long live: “we’re building bridges/just to jump right off.” “Lost Love Star Lust” features a cool guitar riff that I think Robert Pollard may try to rip off. I think you get the point here. Blind Wink is the best thing to come out of Milwaukee since Happy Days (pre-Ted McGinley, of course).

 –koepenick (Dead Broke)

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