TENEBRAE: Self-titled: 7” + CD

Jun 06, 2014

Many hardcore talents make up Tenebrae, but as to this new band’s standing in relation to their collective history—members of The Unseen, Blood For Blood, Slapshot, The Street Dogs, and Sick Of It All, and maybe others, still—Tenebrae’s self-titled EP has the most in common with the first two mentioned. On the four new tracks, Mark Civitarese’s vocals recall a bit of his melodic range with The Unseen, though the singing here achieves something harder and darker. And while there is some commonality with Blood For Blood’s old school roar-along breakdowns, the sum of Tenebrae’s parts, to my ears, congeals into something with more thrash and metal than the prior hardcore songwriting the members are known for. Two great tracks “No Voice” and “Blood Runs Red” are streaming on Dyingvoice.com; dig it. I definitely recommend this release for fans of any of the members’ earlier work, but this is an excellent start for Tenebrae in and of itself. Grab the colored vinyl (blue or red) with free CD included.

 –Jim Joyce (Jailhouse)