Jul 27, 2012

Tender Thrill are clearly more Tender than Thrill, providing “Geena”—a loud, plodding, forgettable pop song ((well, i think it’s a pop song. It’s got kind of jangly chords and shit)) with the same one-measure, über-basic drumbeat repeated for a two minute, forty-nine second period that seems more like forty-nine minutes and two seconds when you actually gotta sit through it. Zuzu Peairs fare a little better with “Feel Me,” which sounds a trifle like what a Hunx song might sound like if he was, you know, a serious Rock Dude and stuff. My unarousal is so big it’s fluorescent. BEST SONG: Zulu Peairs, “Feel Me” BEST SONG TITLE: Zulu Peairs, “Feel Me” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I have spent over ten minutes trying to find one thing either Fantastic or Amazing about this record.

 –norb (Disco-Lite, discoliterecords.com)