It might be easy to dismiss this as just another metal record, which I almost did on the first listen. But the more I listened, the more this three-songer revealed its charms to me. Tendencia plays metal out of the Master of Puppets-era Metallica escuela de metaleros but with growly grindcore vocals. It gets punky at times with some three-chord progressions thrown in with the guitar noodling. Wait, did I hear conga drums? These guys are from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where the mere act of having long hair or being in a rock band can land you in constant trouble with the law, so they already have my admiration. They add in echoes of traditional Cuban music like guaguanco beats and the chorus of “Hasta Siempre Comandante” (an elegy to Che Guevara). Sometimes it works and sometimes it sounds like being between floors of a house where the rebellious teen is headbanging upstairs and the parents are downstairs listening to the music of their youth. I am looking forward to their next record. 

 –Lisa Weiss (Rigid)