Jun 29, 2007

The A-side of this record is a song called “Shake You Off.” I am going on record and saying this song has the catchiest vocal pattern I have heard in years. The singer hits two or even three different octaves throughout the verse, making it flow seamlessly. It’s basically indie rock, but there are hints of ‘50s pop in the back up vocal harmonizing during the chorus. The drummer sounds like he has listened to a lot of later, slower Hüsker Dü a la Candy Apple Grey. There is a nice little Moog-sounding keyboard line that if it was up any higher in the mix, it wouldn’t sound good at all, but it is layered nice and subtle. This is a really well-written song, recorded nicely, and I am disappointed there is only one from these guys on here. The second side is by Sybris. It’s very basic, slow, female-fronted shoegaze indie rock. Not nearly as impressive or original as the Ten Words for Snow song on side A.

 –guest (Boyarm)