Nov 13, 2013

(This was released in 2010, and there’s no sign of it being a reissue on my copy here, so I’m not sure why I got it with my review package—especially since they recently released a new record—but whatev). Ten Volt Shock are a relatively long-running German band who clearly are no strangers to the “angular,” noisy sounds of Shotmaker, Big Black, Hoover, and Hot Snakes. This kinda thing is certainly having something of a resurgence right now (ahem… METZ) and Ten Volt Shock does it as well as anyone else. I’ve personally always felt that this sub-subgenre was right in that awkward place on the spectrum between heavy enough and hooky enough (and therefore sorta lacking in both respects) but people sure seem to go wild for it.

 –Dave William (Bakery Outlet, bakeryoutletrecords.com / Salon Alter Hammer / Screaming Mimi / X-Mist)