TEMPORAL SLUTS: Cosmocracy: 7” EP

Oct 28, 2015

I keep wanting to like this band, man, and trust me I’ve tried. The album art is cool as fuck, Temporal Sluts is a pretty sweet band name, and I think it’s neat they have a song called “Cosmocracy,” but after listening to this EP a few times, I think they should consider changing the title to “Mediocracy.” Cosmocracy is a bland, run-of-the-mill punk rock EP that I would have had a hard time stomaching even in middle school. It’s like those dreaded cafeteria lunches; one bite into your grilled cheese you realize it’s stuffed with cold, tired, government-grade Velveeta splooge and you nearly vomit on your shoe. This shit is plastic, pre-packaged punk, ready to hit a Wal-Mart sales rack near you.–Simone Carter 

 –guest (Mental Beat / Striped Music, stripedmusic.com)