TEMPLARS: The Horns of Hattin: CD

Oct 29, 2001

The Templars robustly blast a steady assault of stripped-down European-style streetpunk and foot-stompin’ oi-inspired sonic carnage. This is rough’n’ready audial insurrection at its most blistering and abrasive with aggressively gruff whiskey-slathered vocals, rumbling low-end three-chord guitar rhythms, frantically fierce face-slapper leads, destructive demolition bass explosions, and hearty pneumatic-drill drum thumpings. Hell yes indeedy, the Templars are the cream of the crop in today’s rapidly growing oi army. They’re the ever-reigning rulers of their league, the indisputable manic musical masters of chaos, mayhem, and unflinching streetwise attitude. Join ‘em, or die.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (GMM)