TEMPLARS, THE: Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio de L’Acre 1993-1999 20th Anniversary Edition: LP

The Templars are hands down the greatest American oi band of all time. This reissue of their collection Dans Les Catacombs, released in conjunction with the band’s twentieth anniversary, adds the two-song Milites Templi 7” to the existing seventeen-song edition, for a total of nineteen tracks of Templars goodness. Known for their unique, stripped down, lo-fi approach, The Templars are an absolutely incredible band. Their live shows are amazing, as are their records. I’ve always contended that Dans Les Catacombs is their finest release, since it includes so many classics like “Police Informer,” “The Sixties Are Over,” “The Templars,” “Subculture Kid,” “I Believe in Myself,” and “Victim.” Fancy packaging and excellent-sounding vinyl add to the awesomeness. The Templars will turn even the snobbiest anti-skin punk into an oi fan. It’s true. Social science research conducted by yours truly indicates that ninety three out of one hundred punks love The Templars upon a first listen. Don’t miss out!

 –Art Ettinger (TKO)