TEMPLARS: Return of Jacques de Molay: CD

Mar 16, 2003

Can’t keep up with all the punk releases that have come out in the last fifteen years. Here is another re-release from another band that I knew was around but never followed. This was originally recorded between 1993-1994. It started out as their second demo, titled 1993. Then some of the tracks were released on Dim Records out of Germany as the original Return of Jacques de Molay. A cassette copy was released in Poland by Carry on Oi! Records. Now it resurfaces with additional tracks from the EP titled Two in One. Most of the tracks were recorded in a garage, but does not come off sounding too thin. I think when this was mastered, the sound was thickened to the maximum. The guitars are still a little thin, but the bass sound is slightly punchy but full to balance things out. You hear the potential, and the songwriting is entertaining to this reviewer. Their mastery of the street punk genre is evident in these recordings and bring to mind the original recordings of the UK oi scene in the early ‘80s. Not professional, but raw and genuine in their approach. I guess I need to see how they sound now and see how much they have progressed.

 –don (GMM)