Jul 16, 2009

Hmm. Bands with strong affiliations with a particular hairdo always leave me a bit cold. These particular fellows have been around the block many times and are known for the fact that they prefer the “five o’clock shadow” look on top of their heads as well as on the front of their heads. Their music is rough and tumble and confrontational, but it almost sounds like they’re wrestling with themselves. It seems a bit off-balance to me. You’ve got these gruff nail-spitting vocals trampling all over an energetic but twinky little guitar that sounds like it’s coming out of Emmanuel Lewis’s transistor radio. Weird. But some people worship these guys. Will some Knights Templar-fascinated skinhead come after me with baseball bat with a big nail sticking out of it if I say: sorry, but I find this Oi Lite shit a bit of a snooze? As usual, it’s just the bad Spinal Tap side of me, wanting all the volume knobs on the amps to go up to 11, but I think if the guitar sounded a little less vegan, I’d gobble this stuff up and probably visit the barber a lot more.

 –aphid (GMM)