TELESCOPES: As Approved by the Committee: CD

Aug 13, 2009

An absolutely stunning collection of tracks by an English band active in the early ‘90s, who disappeared for a number of years and are apparently out gigging again. Collected here are fourteen tracks culled from their out of print catalog and seemingly sequenced into two different eras of the band’s sound. The first seven are a maelstrom of noise and garage punk, sorta like Iggy fronting My Bloody Valentine while tripping on mushrooms with Sonic Youth: brutal and abrasive, yet oddly melodic. The remaining seven tracks turn the volume down a notch and rely more on experimentation and psychedelic pop sensibilities, not unlike Primal Scream with more balls. This is a band with music that screams for wider recognition and, if you’re smart, you’ll pay serious attention to prevent them from fading back into obscurity.

 –jimmy (Bomp)