TELEDROME: Double Visions: 7” EP

I have been hearing a buzz about this band for sometime now. But as usual, I come into the picture late. I heard a couple of tracks off this LP online and I couldn’t believe how good this band is. The songs were infectious and I needed more! I downloaded this LP, three EPs, and the demo. To let people know that I do not download maliciously, I ordered all the records from various distros the same day. I am still a bit of a record nerd, even though my purchasing has tapered lately. I haven’t been this giddy about a band in a while. The entire record from start to finish is a wonderful aural experience. Not one song is filler. Each song differs from the other yet compliments one another. I just can’t seem to nail in my head all of what I’m hearing. I hear a bit of ‘60s garage punk, surf, post punk, and the darkness of death rock. But all the songs contain a catchy melody that makes them instantly likable. The guitars add texture and a moody atmosphere. The vocalist, Manuela, writes introspective and dark lyrics that she delivers with power and conviction. I keep thinking she has the vocal pipes of someone extraordinary like Grace Slick, and, at other times, like Celtic artist Loreena McKennitt. But that doesn’t perfectly identify her since she really stands on her own. Production benefits the drums and bass here. Both are delivered with impacting power. I have read and heard complaints that the LP is a bit too sleek and polished. I have to disagree with that. It adds to the growth of their music and showcases them with precision. It would not surprise me that this band crosses over and gains a larger audience. This band, to me, is that good. Hearing their discography backwards, the demo has a loose punk feel. The production is raw and vocalist Manuela’s delivery is less controlled, with more spite and snot. Come the first EP, she finds her voice and delivers it with such magic. Now my quest is to find a physical copy of the demo and possibly get the Japanese EP compilation.

 –don (Deranged)