TELECOMMANDE: En Ligne De Mire: Cassette

Nov 21, 2013

The artwork for En Ligne De Mire really threw me off. The front cover is an illustration of a shadowy figure emerging from a void, holding a bleeding remote control. The inside cover has a drawing (looks like it’s from a comic book) of someone holding an automatic weapon, cocking it with a “tlack” sound while someone watches from across the street, eating ice cream in broad daylight. This could have been a John Carpenter soundtrack or Hirax or who knows. Turns out it’s great raw garage punk from Lyon, France, with synth work that’s sometimes barely there, but without it, the songs wouldn’t be the same. Not far off from The Spits, but less fuzzy and a little more earnest. They like G.G. Allin, which is good. The songs are solid, and the band comes off wild and fun. If I was drunk in a basement watching these guys, I’d be like “FUCK YEAH” or the Gallic equivalent.

 –Matt Werts (Self-released,