TEENGENERATE: Live at the Shelter: LP

Sep 17, 2015

I’m not big on live albums, but if there’s a list of essential live albums, this album is solidly near the top. Teengenerate blow through a set of their classics along with a couple of rock’n’roll covers with the reckless abandon expected of them. Besides the rage factor, the recording quality is first-rate. It’s a particularly interesting recording with regard to the guitars. Some of the patented chainsaw fury Teengenerate is famous for is removed, but it only accentuates the guitar playing in a way that brings new light to the band via lowered distortion levels. It goes from chainsaw to lead pipe. It’s a full-on rage. Historically, academically, and thrashingly relevant. Essential? Yes! Do not sleep on this one. 

 –Billups Allen (Ugly Pop)