TEENERS, THE: Self-titled: 7”

Jan 24, 2008

The oddest experience I’ve had is getting a body cast taken off. Since its fiberglass, they use a saw that is insanely loud and terrifying yet doesn’t cut your skin—wtf? Who made that and why can’t every saw do that? Strange. Time came to get it off, and, of course, the epitome of hot nurse is assigned to do it. So I’m naked in a body cast that goes from chest to waist and down one leg, otherwise I’m hanging free. Sadly, my Dad insisted on being part of the fascinating process. Gotta see everything, huh Dad? How else will you learn? So Dad sat there quietly as said hot nurse pushes a saw all over my body cast and frees me in what should have been my learning experience alone. Weird. The buzzsaw, the awkwardness, The Teeners understand.

 –mike (Super Secret)